Death's Head Flask

Death's Head Flask


Witch Bottles are vessels filled with anti-hex materials and kept in a basement or buried around a person’s property.  They are meant to provide magical protection against curses – real or perceived. They function like an energetic filtration system for the household. The earliest records of the concept of the witch bottle emerge in the 1600s in England and Germany and there is evidence that they traveled with immigrants to the American continent.

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Witch bottles have been found in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Generally they have been used as un-hexing devices. Wooden boxes, earthenware jugs and glass jars are materials that have been used. They are often filled with broken, sharp things and sometimes herbs like those used in Conjure practices. If there is a specific person who was believed to have sent a curse, symbolic representation of the curser will be put into the bottle in order to facilitate the un-hexing more effectively.

For instructions on cleansing, consecrating and charging for use, visit our process journal here.