Custom Sigil Design

Custom Sigil Design

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I create custom sigil designs to meet your magical needs! Variations include: Text-based, Symbol-based, Bindrunes, Ogham Few, Magic Squares or Sigil Shoals (compound sigil arrangements). When finished, I will email you a digital file with your sigil design, which you can use at your discretion. Simply fill-out the accompanying form with your information to get started! Please allow 2 weeks for completion.

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Text-based sigils are a graphic symbol composed of letters derived from your statement of intent about what you need the sigil for. This is the classic sigil form developed by Austin Osman Spare in the mid 20th century.

Symbol-based sigils use key words from your statement of intent to select commonly understood symbols to be incorporated onto the completed sigil. The outcome is similar to a text-based sigil, but is often more intuitively understood - like a pictograph.

Bindrunes are sigils made up of a combination of Nordic runes from the codex of the Elder Futhark. These are good if you feel a connection to Scandinavian heritage.

Ogham Staves are sigils composed of ancient Irish ‘runes’. These are often vertical 'staves', with a series of tic marks that spell out an abbreviated statement of intent. These are good if you feel a connection to Celtic heritage.

Magic Squares are a method of sigil creation that utilize a square or circular grid to map the statement of intent on. The result is an abstract pattern, informed by the planet most influential to the stated intention. These were used in the medieval era.

Sigil Shoals are a compound sigil graphic, containing multiple sigils enclosed within a border, similar to Egyptian Heiroglyphics. To do achieve this, I will combine up to 3 related statements that work in alignment with each other into a singular image. I take more creative license with these sigils, so the result will reflect more of my own signature style and may take slightly longer to complete. 

Please note that I will NOT create sigils to influence specific individuals or do harm. For me, this work is a healing practice, with the big picture in mind, and I prefer to work to assist overarching aims that speak from the higher self to do good in our lives and within the world.