Death's Head Flask

Death's Head Flask


This flask is hand built of stoneware clay and features a hand-cut stenciled image of the death’s head moth. It is glazed on the interior and has a cork bark stopper. This vessel is suitable for holding liquids, but shouldn't be relied upon to keep them fresh for an extended length of time. It also makes a very nice decorative item for the home and could easily serve as a vase.

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Rituals mark the milestones in life, these jars are intended to celebrate those moments. They are containers to hold blessings, peace offerings, water, smudges, light, fire, ashes or herbal medicines for the body and spirit. Our  imagery is inspired by the Wheel of the Year and the changing of the seasons. Each is graced with a hand cut stencil, applied with underglaze on a stoneware ceramic body. We also create customized imagery and vessels to commemorate birth, marriage or graduating to the next level.

Some of these are intended for everyday use, some are to be used ceremonially, in special celebrations marking the seasons of our lives. While they may vary widely in material and design, they are united in intent, which is to transcend the corporeal world and remind us to remember and honor our experience as spiritual beings. To activate these vessels for their particular uses, you will want to take care to cleanse, consecrate and charge the object – in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes.

For instructions on cleansing, consecrating and charging for use, visit our process journal here.