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What we Feed, Grows

The theme of this year’s MayDay parade is ‘What we Feed, Grows’. And as I’m breathing in moist Spring air, fragrant with fertility, listening to the sounds of birds wooing each other; I have budding intentions myself. After Winter’s dormant research phase, idea-seeds have swelled, sent out roots and shoots, and will bear fruit in due course this Summer. If they are tended well and weather permits, creative outputs will grow, yielding their own form of nutrition. Filling a need for storytelling and meaning, the folk arts cycle with the seasons.

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Ovo: Limitless Potential

Every year Leprechauns, denizens of the fairy realm, magically appear mid-March on every conceivable printed surface. These symbols are used in commercial applications, to be sure, but I would posit that they are also the remnants of very old, earth-based wheel-of-the-year celebrations. The shamrock and cauldron representative of medicinal food plants, and gold at the end of the rainbow referencing the abundance of life returning to the Earth. After the rains and greenery return, so too do frisky bunnies and the product of their energies, the fertilized ovum.

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Seeing Signs

Initiated by my Daughter’s severe Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a large part of the journey this work has taken me on has been about communication. Through the use of symbols and sign language, we have learned to understand each other better, but there are still large gaps to be filled in, particularly around more subtle or complex desires and ideas that she has no way of expressing. This has been a huge challenge for her self-advocacy efforts, and often ends in tears and stomping fits that I find myself ill-equipped to diffuse. But the experience has helped me come to appreciate how much the able-bodied world takes for granted, and how little we appreciate the uphill battle that is experienced by the disabled. Every. Single. Day.

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