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Pillsbury House Theater Residency

Some early pictures from the artist residency at Pillsbury House Theater I just started as of October 6th. Right now I'm working out of a 10x10' studio space constructed in the lobby, to energize the space and plug into community. Seeing if I can tease out some participation from passers-by through an interactive experiment in pattern collection. The installation will be up through November 9th, with luck growing and changing as folks add to it. So far there’s been good engagement on the part of their preschool and adult day program participants as well as staff coming and going.

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Folk Art Self-Study

Folk art comes from direct experience with the landscape. Specific adaptations to local environments give rise to unique forms of creative expression, born out of necessity. The oldest known form of magic, pictographs and patterns have been used for millennia to tell our stories and appeal to natural forces for help in navigating worldly challenges. Because we are living through a time of great transition, I’m wondering how we can we use the collective power of our traditional folk art forms as seeds for reclamation and healing. In order to explore this potential, we would need to reinvigorate forgotten skills that were once passed from generation to generation. But I realize that many people don’t feel they have a connection to any folk art traditions.

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