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A Hex Sign Calendar

From October 30th to November 9th, I got to be a resident artist at The Future Minneapolis, where a series of Hex Signs (similar to barn quilts in function) were produced. Eight in all, one for each of the year's quarter and cross-quarter days - the Solstices, Equinoxes and the midpoints in between. Hex signs are a folk art form from the American East coast, brought here by Germanic immigrants. Traditionally, they were used to decorate outbuildings, but their designs have roots in folk magic. They have been used to sustain good health, attract prosperity or stave off fire and storms. More recently, they have become a kind of Neo-pagan meditative art practice, focusing the mind on a given set of intentions.

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What we Feed, Grows

The theme of this year’s MayDay parade is ‘What we Feed, Grows’. And as I’m breathing in moist Spring air, fragrant with fertility, listening to the sounds of birds wooing each other; I have budding intentions myself. After Winter’s dormant research phase, idea-seeds have swelled, sent out roots and shoots, and will bear fruit in due course this Summer. If they are tended well and weather permits, creative outputs will grow, yielding their own form of nutrition. Filling a need for storytelling and meaning, the folk arts cycle with the seasons.

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