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The Huldufolk

Huldufolk is the name of the art exhibition at Jackson Flats that these three pieces have been made for. The Hulder are a part of the folklore of Scandinavia, living within and embodying the landscape and human interaction with place. The Hulder can be generous or vengeful, in accordance with how well treated they have been - just as Minnesota will care for us in accordance with how well we tend to healing our natural and cultural surrounds.

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The Spell of High Summer

Approaching the Summer Solstice, it’s important to take pause and breathe it all in. The skin should be given freedom to soak in light and water in abundance, cleansing the static that clings to the soul. The lungs should open and with them the heart center, allowing radiant patters of thought to flow outward, mingling with the energy of the world. The greater the challenges presented to us on this plane, the more we stand to gain from cultivating open hearts and minds, shedding old ideas like skins, clearing a path for renewal. Mindfulness begets mindfulness, and lights the way for those who come after us.

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What we Feed, Grows

The theme of this year’s MayDay parade is ‘What we Feed, Grows’. And as I’m breathing in moist Spring air, fragrant with fertility, listening to the sounds of birds wooing each other; I have budding intentions myself. After Winter’s dormant research phase, idea-seeds have swelled, sent out roots and shoots, and will bear fruit in due course this Summer. If they are tended well and weather permits, creative outputs will grow, yielding their own form of nutrition. Filling a need for storytelling and meaning, the folk arts cycle with the seasons.

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