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Pysanka Party

Honoring my Slavic side through an art form that relates strongly to the concept of ‘Magical Folk Arts’, Pysanka are charms made in Spring to bring blessings to the household and community throughout the year. Best known in their Ukrainian and Polish forms, but practiced all over the Slavic world, families traditionally made 50-60 eggs; one for each member of the household - including livestock, some for gifting to close friends and family, some for youths to exchange with sweethearts and some for added health for newborns. Each design element and color employed is a part of a visual language that dates back to the Pre-Christian era, and while largely lost over time, still holds mysteries and magic via intentional folk symbolism.

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Ovo: Limitless Potential

Every year Leprechauns, denizens of the fairy realm, magically appear mid-March on every conceivable printed surface. These symbols are used in commercial applications, to be sure, but I would posit that they are also the remnants of very old, earth-based wheel-of-the-year celebrations. The shamrock and cauldron representative of medicinal food plants, and gold at the end of the rainbow referencing the abundance of life returning to the Earth. After the rains and greenery return, so too do frisky bunnies and the product of their energies, the fertilized ovum.

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