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A Radical Fairy Tale

This story is based in the ideas I wrote about in my last post ‘Breaking the Magic Spell’ . It is intended to demonstrate the radical power of narrative to empower healing by re-framing our challenges in a fairy tale format, where we are our own heroes. The illustrations are examples of the experiments I describe at the end of my last post. They are studies of how we might add to the power of telling our own fairy tale by creating a mandala-like image reflecting our story, to help us contemplate it as a regenerative cycle rather than as a linear, zero-sum game. This story is allegorical of some of my own experiences, and is here to characterize what this theory looks like in writing. It is not intended to judge or inflict harm on any individual. We are all composed of every character in our fairy tale narrative, each one a representation of internalized forces that have come to define us as we understand ourselves today.

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Symbols Tell Stories

This is the beginning of a participatory art project, using community-sourced symbols to create a visual language that tells of our relationship to local ecology. Folk art is derivative of direct experience with the landscape. Specific adaptations to local environments give rise to unique forms of creative expression, born out of necessity. The oldest known form of magic, pictographs were used to appeal to nature in an effort to obtain some form of control. In the current era, however, it is nature that requires our healing and protection through re-enchanting our relationship with her.

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