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Pysanka Party

Honoring my Slavic side through an art form that relates strongly to the concept of ‘Magical Folk Arts’, Pysanka are charms made in Spring to bring blessings to the household and community throughout the year. Best known in their Ukrainian and Polish forms, but practiced all over the Slavic world, families traditionally made 50-60 eggs; one for each member of the household - including livestock, some for gifting to close friends and family, some for youths to exchange with sweethearts and some for added health for newborns. Each design element and color employed is a part of a visual language that dates back to the Pre-Christian era, and while largely lost over time, still holds mysteries and magic via intentional folk symbolism.

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Owning Your Magic

I've had a few people tell me this Summer that they didn't know what I did to my pieces, but they work to bring them calm, clarity or healing. I am grateful for the compliments, but I want to be really clear that this effect is not mine to claim, it is your magic. All I am doing is creating a physical focal point for that energy to become anchored, allowing it to build over time through repeated reinforcement as a part of a practice of mindfulness. Anything can become a touchstone in this way, but sometimes we need to be given permission to trust in our own powers, our own ability to heal and to manifest positive change. If permission is needed, I want to say that yes, you can do it, trust in yourself and the universe!

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