House Warding Tiles

House Warding Tiles

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Handmade ceramic House Warding Tiles bear a unique symbol or sigil intended to be used in magical practice as a way to repel negative forces or attract positive desires into our lives. Used as part of an energetic maintenance practice, they act as anchors for shielding and mindfulness in the home, office or anywhere they are needed. Each piece is hand cut from stoneware, hand glazed and inscribed with a unique glyph derived from pictographic languages used within folk magic traditions. They are suitable for hanging indoors or outdoors and come with a copper wire affixed to the back for easy mounting.

A NOTE ON ORDERING: We keep a wide array of house warding tiles in stock to address a variety of practical needs. Because our work is constantly evolving, and many pieces are completely unique and will not be reproduced, we cannot feasibly catalog all of them here. The bulk of our sales are made in person at small local craft fairs and in private consultation, therefore, we would like to provide you with the same level of service here.

If you are in the market for a hand crafted house warding tile, please contact us via email at and let us know what purpose or intention it is that you require in a piece. We will document all available options in that category and reply back with photographs within a day or two. If we are not able to match your need with an existing piece, we may suggest a custom option. When a match is found, we then have you complete the transaction through our payment portal. We realize that this method is not suited to everyone, but have found it to be a workable arrangement for our client base.

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Benefits of House Warding: Energetically shielding the home can provide many benefits. Warding can filter out psychic background “static” or ambient energy originating outside the dwelling. It can help to retain energy within the home, prevent personal energy from dissipating and encourage good personal boundaries. Warding can also protect the residents of a home from negative energies. For all of these reasons, establishing effective wards is a healthy practice.

Establishing these protective shields is a form of personal energy control. Warding allows for energy to be kept outside, but also for energy to be kept within the home. Some wards may block certain energies while permitting others to pass through; others may redirect or transmute energy according to the desires of the occupant. In this sense, wards act like any other element of the structure and design of the home; to help maintain a safe and nurturing atmosphere for personal growth.

Wards can be inscribed into an object that can be taken to a new home in the event that the occupant moves. Alternatively, they can be permanently embedded into the structure of a building as an architectural element. They can also be used to establish a perimeter, such as by inscribing a protective symbols along the outer walls of a house, or by etching the same protective symbol on four tiles and placing them at the four corners of the property, raising a protective dome of energy over the lot.

The symbol adorning each warding tile is a unique character or ‘sigil’, designed with the wishes of the user in mind. Its effects gain strength over time and with repeated usage. This sigil has been crafted with a specific intention, to activate your warding tile, you will want to take care to perform your own cleansing, concentrating and charging of your object in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes. For instructions on doing this, visit our process journal here.