Sigilcraft Workshop

Sigilcraft Workshop

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Nest & Tessellate will give a 2 hour practical, hands-on workshop in creating sigils for everyday use. To reserve the time, a minimum of 6 participants is required and all fees must be paid in advance. We use a sliding fee scale of $20 per person for a regular registration and $10 per person for BIPOC, GLBT+, Adaptive or Neurodivergent community members. To schedule, please contact us in advance regarding availability and group size. When date, time and location have been established, individual participants can register by filling out the associated form and paying through our checkout portal.

Goals & Outcomes: To gain a context for understanding where sigil magic originates from, where we see sigils in common usage today and to be able to construct and activate a sigil of your own design for achieving a clearly stated positive desire. Please bring ideas about where decorative motifs may carry meaning in folk traditions within your community or family, and a few achievable desires to work from. Come prepared to draw, all materials provided.

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What are Sigils and where do they come from?

A sigil is a symbol used in magick. The term comes from the Latin word ‘to sign’ and has historically referred to a type of pictorial seal to invoke an angel, demon (commonly understood as an elemental or psychological force) or other supernatural entity in western hermeticism. Sigils were made popular in the ‘80s and ‘90’s within the context of Chaos Magick and refer to a symbolic representation of the magician's desired outcome. I like to expand this definition to include many other instances where magical intentions have been embedded in different facets of folk culture throughout history. Examples can include designs that have been woven into textiles or built into homes for protection, charms forged into tools for potency, movement in dance and in many other places, some now forgotten and some well preserved.