MidWinter Folk Arts Zine

MidWinter Folk Arts Zine


This 20 page zine contains the aggregated results of a Summer-long community sourced folk-art project culminating in a workshop entitled ‘Folking Up the Status Quo’, while in residence at The Future Minneapolis in the Fall of 2018. Afterward, the copy and images collected during this experiment were made into a self-published zine for distribution by The Future.

You can download and print the zine for free here: MidWinter Folk Arts Zine. But if you were sparked by the work that went into this project, please consider supporting further inquiry by making a $5 donation in adding this item to your cart. Your contribution will help fund the next volume of Midwinter Folk Arts and develop new experimental art projects that engage neighbors in their own folk art explorations throughout South Minneapolis and beyond.

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Folk art comes from direct experience with the landscape. Specific adaptations to local environments give rise to unique forms of creative expression, born out of necessity. The oldest known form of magic, pictographs and patterns can be used to tell our stories and appeal to natural forces for help in navigating the world. With this in mind, how can we connect our patchwork of heritage with the present state of local ecology to produce a current folk art language toward reclamation and healing?



  1. Draw a simple picture that represents your connection to nature in a local setting.

  2. Use only combinations of point, line and arc.

∙∙∙ ●● ●● ∙∙∙ ││꞊꞊ ꞊꞊││∩∩ ⸨ ⸩ ⸦ ⸧ ʘ     ҈ ֍ ∞

  • How does this symbol or pictograph tell a story about how you relate to your landscape?

  • Does the image you made resemble patterns used in traditional textiles, ceramics or other household crafts you’ve seen around community spaces?

  • Are there any similarities between your symbol and these traditional decorative art forms? What are they and what stories do they tell about how your people related to place?