Magical Folk Art CSA Subscription

Magical Folk Art CSA Subscription


CSA stands for Community Supported Art! Just like a produce CSA you might see offered through a local organic farm, this is a folk art subscription box, supporting the work that Nest & Tessellate brings to your table. For an investment of $120, you will receive 6 deliveries of magical folk art to your doorstep in monthly parcels. The total value of work will well exceed the cost, so this is a great way to support us and supply yourself with unique local wares grounded in place and tradition. Contents of each package will vary according to seasonal cycles, available materials and current inspiration.

Each box will include items such as Slavic Pysanki Eggs, Corn Dolly Poppets, Nordic Galdrastave Ornaments, Housewitch Mindfulness Tools or an Annual Lunar Calendar. We work with a wide variety of techniques, intentions and symbolic languages, so there are always new creative surprises informing each cycle of artistic growth. If you have particular folk art interests, please make note and we will steer your content towards those preferences as we are able.

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Creating under the moniker Nest and Tessellate, my work explores magical symbols derived from folk art patterns within my own family’s traditional crafts and heritage. This practice seeks to reclaim designs intended to be used as practical charms to connect with ancestral art forms, build relationships with local ecology and develop new symbolic language around shared community values. Sigils, or symbols charged with intention, have a long history of use as agents of healing and protection in the folk arts. Collecting imagery from around South Minneapolis, I also hope to draw parallels between diverse sources, identify common meanings and with the help of collaborators, construct a contemporary folk art language rooted in Minnesota’s unique cultural intersections. The goal, in short, is to create a magical folk art for our time and place.