Enameled Talismans & Amulets

Enameled Talismans & Amulets


Enameled copper talisman (attraction) and amulet (protection) pendants feature hand drawn graphite sigil designs on a colorful surface that is about 1.5” in length. Each bears a unique symbol or sigil intended to be used in magical practice as a way to repel negative forces or attract positive desires into our lives. The conductive properties of copper base metal amplifies energetic signatures like tiny wish amplifiers on an 18" antique brass chain with S-clasp. These pieces are extremely durable and suitable for daily wear.

A NOTE ON ORDERING: We keep a wide array of enameled talismans and amulets in stock to address a variety of practical needs. Because our work is constantly evolving, and many pieces are completely unique and will not be reproduced, we cannot feasibly catalog all of them here. The bulk of our sales are made in person at small local craft fairs and in private consultation, therefore, we would like to provide you with the same level of service here.

If you are in the market for a hand crafted talisman or amulet, please contact us via email at Nestandtessellate@gmail.com and let us know what purpose or intention it is that you require in a piece. We will document all available options in that category and reply back with photographs within a day or two. If we are not able to match your need with an existing piece, we may suggest a custom option. When a match is found, we then have you complete the transaction through our payment portal. We realize that this method is not suited to everyone, but have found it to be a workable arrangement for our client base.

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Benefits of Talismans and Amulets: Talismans and amulets are objects created and charged to amplify personal power. Whether used to focus energy on protection from harm, drawing luck, attracting love, attaining wealth or for other purposes, these objects are worn with a specific intention in mind. When the item is visible, its presence is a constant subconscious reminder of a purpose that has been concentrated within the talisman. It also serves as a focal point to renew our conscious energetic focus toward manifesting that particular desire. As you go about your day, notice the item, feeling its presence on the body. Occasionally, allow the magical intent of the talisman or amulet to come to the forefront of consciousness without fixating on it.

The symbol adorning each talisman or amulet is a unique character or ‘sigil’, designed with the wishes of the user in mind. Its effects gain strength over time and with repeated usage. This sigil has been crafted with a specific intention, to activate your talisman or amulet, you will want to take care to perform your own cleansing, concentrating and charging of your object in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes. For instructions on doing this, visit our process journal here.