Custom Sigil Design

Custom Sigil Design

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A sigil is a symbol used in magick. The term comes from the Latin word ‘to sign’ and has historically referred to a type of pictorial seal to invoke an angel, demon (commonly understood as an elemental or psychological force) or other supernatural entity in western hermeticism. Sigils were made popular in the ‘80s and ‘90’s within the context of Chaos Magick and refer to a symbolic representation of the magician's desired outcome. I like to expand this definition to include many other instances where magical intentions have been embedded in different facets of folk culture throughout history. Examples can include designs that have been woven into textiles or built into homes for protection, charms forged into tools for potency, movement in dance and in many other places, some now forgotten and some well preserved.

We also create custom sigil designs to meet your magical needs! Variations include: Symbol-based sigils, Bindrunes, Ogham Staves or Sigil Shoals (compound sigil arrangements). Designs are based on statements of intend that you provide through our order form. Your sigil will be drafted by hand and then digitized and sent as an electronic file. Please allow 2 weeks for completion. Custom House Warding Tiles bearing your sigil designs (pictured here) are also available to be ordered separately. We will be in contact with an estimated wait time for custom tiles if interest is indicated at checkout.

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Symbol-based sigils use key words from your statement of intent to intuitively select commonly understood symbols to be incorporated onto your sigil design. The outcome is similar to the more commonly understood text-based method of constructing a sigil (developed by artist and magician Austin Osman Spare), but is more intuitively understood - like a sentence made into an ornate pictograph.

Bindrunes are sigils made up of a combination of Nordic runes from the codex of the Elder Futhark. There are 24 individual runes, relating to the overarching arc of an individual’s lifetime, as well as other key concepts that grew out of the ancient Scandinavian frame of reference. The bindrune will be a composite of several runes relating to your statement of intent. They are a good fit if you identify with life in a Northern climate.

Ogham Staves are sigils composed of ancient Celtic ‘runes’. They are written along a vertical axis line, with a series of horizontal tic marks that relate to key words in your statement of intent. These are a good fit if you identify with Gaelic heritage or have particular affinities toward the trees, as each letter of the Ogham alphabet represents a specific tree and its associated energy.

Sigil Shoals are a compound sigil graphic, containing multiple sigils enclosed within a border, similar to an Egyptian Hieroglyphic stelae in format. These pieces will incorporate up to three supporting statements of intent, and work well when broken down into a statement that addresses the past (something to release), a statement that addresses the present (something to attract) and a statement to manifest a desired future outcome.

Please note that we will NOT create sigils to influence specific individuals or do harm, positive aspirations only. For instructions on cleansing, concentrating and charging of your sigil in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes, visit our process journal here.