Copy of Copy of Lunar Cycle 1

Copy of Copy of Lunar Cycle 1


This is a hand made stoneware ceramic wall hanging tile. It features a hand cut stencil image of the Ouroboros, symbol of unending cycles. This piece is suitable to hang indoors or out, and has a copper wire loop on the back for mounting. It is intended to act as a touchstone for mindfulness practice, but can be used decoratively as well.

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These Alter-pieces are produced as part of a meditative practice. Handmade of ceramic stoneware, they are suitable to hang indoors or out, with a copper loop on the back for mounting. Each wall tile feature a hand cut stencil image representing a symbol, object, animal or character. Tapping into folktales, they are intended to engage the viewer in the creation of a mythical narrative we can use for allegorical self-reflection. Objects can tell stories about who we are, triggering emotional connections to folk traditions based in relationships with the land.

Like a technology of intent, we can use an image or object within our surroundings as a mirror, reflecting and amplifying willed psychological changes. Mindset matters, and however small these changes in mindfulness, the impact of a grounded worldview is real. When we align our chaotic minds with empowering story arcs, they lend enchantment to what otherwise appears to be a wasteland. Expanding our worldview beyond the empirical allows old ways of grasping information to surface, informing ways of seeing and being, and a place of strength and sovereignty emerges from which to address challenges in the present.

To activate this alter-piece, you will want to take care to cleanse, consecrate and charge your object - in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes.

For instructions on cleansing, consecrating and charging for use, visit our process journal here.